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Early detection = early prevention

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Low cost, rapid detection and highly portable test kits

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After infection, the plant is prone to symptoms that affect the appearance, decreasing the economic values, and in severe cases, retarded growth leads to loss of yield. Direct or indirect loss of economic crops caused by virus infection could reach nearly 100 billion US dallars globally per year.


Once infected by viruses, it is not easy to cure, and different plant viruses are transmitted to health plant populations via instruments, insect bites, leaf wounds etc., causing even greater prevalence. Therefore, early detection of viral infection, isolation and elimination of diseased plants are critical to plant viral infection prevention.


Conventional virus detection methods, such as PCR, ELISA have the disadvantages like lengthy detection time, high-expense instruments, and professional operators. The method of Rapid Test utilizes the principle of antigen-antibody binding, shortens detection time to 5~15 minutes and does not require extra instruments and professional operators, therefore is suitable for field mass screening use.


Items of Plant Virus Rapid test kits  -

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