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Rega Biotechnology Inc. is a leading company in lateral-flow rapid test development and manufacture in Taiwan. We currently offer rapid tests for detecting plant and fish viruses, food allergens, and mycotoxins. Our portfolio includes lateral-flow rapid test kits, rapid test printers, readers, as well as services covering antibody production, rapid test design and development.


Established in 2004 with a goal to improve people’s living quality, Rega Biotechnology Inc. has been devoting to research and technology development for lateral-flow rapid test over a decade. Our office is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. We have completed ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification and has a number of patented technologies. We focus on developing, producing and marketing rapid test products and instruments for product development and result interpretation. Our products were developed with the incentive to increase crop productivity, prevent diseases and work toward our ultimate goal to improve human health. Under the completed diagnostic development plate form, Rega Biotechnology Inc. has been successful in commercializing and marketing diagnostic test for plant virus, fish virus and food safety. The diagnostic products are distributed and sold globally across many regions including Asia, North America and Europe. 

Base on the passion to biotechnology research and development, Rega team persisted working hard and has sufficient experience to integrate mature immune raw material production technology, develop and produce diagnostic test products for testing different target materials, master the technical source of the industry and manufacturing technology, and then actively develop diagnostic tests for different inspection applications which can be widely applied to viruses, microorganisms, disease detection, clinical medicine and food safety. In the past decade, we have been commercializing numbers test products from the established mature development platform. In the future, we will continue cooperate with other industrial biotechnology companies, form alliances to share business resources and achievements, so as to accelerate the improvement and progress of follow-up technologies. We always hope to jointly enter the international target market, create successful business opportunities, and work jointly to contribute to prevention management and life health.

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