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Our activities have always been committed to the development of immunological test kits and then to promote products. We believe and expect that through preventive testing, the efficiency of health management will be enhanced, and the health of biological life can be perpetually reached. We thus have been participating in various industry seminars, hosting thematic seminars and presenting in many exhibitions, and met many friends from the events.


We would like to thank all the customers/friends for their support. Whether it is opinions, guidance or comments, we are deeply taken them into account and reviewed them for continuous improvement and progress.

2019 Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai
2018 Saudi Agriculture Exhibition
2018 IFT Chicago
2017 Royal Flora Holland
2017 Medica
2017 IFT Las Vegas
2017 Horti Asia
2016 Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing
2016 IFT Chicago
2016 Analytica China
2015 Taiwan Orchid Show
2014 Medica
2013 FoodTec Shanghai
2012 Nanotech Japan
2010 Gluten Free Brisbane
2009 Taiwan Mediphar
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2009  Mediphar Taiwan                  

2010  NanoTech Japan               

2010  Gluten Free Expo Brisbane   

2011  NanoTech Japan   

2012  NanoTech Japan   

2013  FIPSS ShangHai China     

2013  Medica Dusseldorf

2014  Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing   

2014  FoodTec ShangHai China

2014  Medica Dusseldorf    

2015  Taiwan Internation Orchid Show           

2015  Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai

2016  Taiwan Internation Orchid Show

2016  Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing

2016  Analytica China   

2016  IFT (Institute of Food Technologists ) Chicago      

2017  Horti Asia Expo Bangkok

2017  IFT (Institute of Food Technologists ) Las Vegas       

2017  Royal Flora Holland 

2017  Medica Dusseldorf   

2018  IFT (Institute of Food Technologists ) Chicago

2018  Saudi Agriculture Exhibition

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