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Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection Kit (NARD Kit) - Product Specifications

Cat. No.                   

Product Name         


Detection time        

Storage conditions


:  KL 10018004

:  Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection kit

:  Qualitative, semi-quantitative is available with optical instrument

:  5~15 minutes

:  2~8℃

:  25 strips / bottle, 4 bottles / box

Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection Kit (NARD Kit)


Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection Strip (NARD strip) is a lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for PCR product analysis. It enables nucleic acid detection by immobilizing and colorizing FITC/Biotin (FAM/Biotin) or DIG/Biotin labeled PCR products with anti-DIG or anti-FITC(FAM) antibodies. With the strip customers can analyze PCR products without the need for conducting gel electrophoresis. This product is suitable for detecting the amplicons of nucleic acid amplification technologies including general PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), LAMP (Loop-mediated isothermal amplification) and RPA (Recombinase Polymerase Amplification).

The product (strip) not only possessing the merits of traditional lateral flow assay, but surpasses in sensitivity and efficiency. The strip is thus a powerful tool for both laboratory and on-site nucleic acid analysis.

For customization services, the number of drawing lines can be customized according to requirements.





Regabio NARD Nucleic Acid Rapid Test Strip - Product Design

修1(設計圖)睿嘉核酸快速試紙條片- Design.jpg
修1(設計圖)睿嘉核酸快速試紙條片-Results 2.jpg

Regabio Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection Strip – Product Result

DSCF3177 1.jpg
DSCF3183 1.jpg

Regular product


Customized strip products

Regabio Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection Strip – in comparison with gel electrophoresis

NARD meeting-01.jpg
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