2020-04-08     Due to the impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic caused serious reduction or cancellation of 

                         flights by airlines, postal EMS has already suspened airmail services to many countries, even courier

                         delivery are getting to be subject to delay. In this case, to better serve customers and to avoid

                         unnecessary transaction confusion, we temporarily closed the onlineshop function on

                         Any further demand or inquiry regarding products, please direct and feel free to contact us.


2020-03-23     ​The coordination of shipments during the Coronavirus epidemic


2019-11-12     Attend Exbihition:2019 Healthcare EXPO Taiwan, December 5th - 8th.

2019-11-01     Company online shop opened on IdeaEZ, an e-shop of Agricultural tests kit can
                         be easily ordered at Regabio e-shop: 

2019-04-08     Attend Exbihition:Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai

2019-04-02     Product Aflatoxin Total was aproved as a qualified qualitative diagnostic test for Aflatoxin detection                           by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA)

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