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The main symptoms of lily infected with Lily Mottle Virus (LMoV) are systemic mottling or mosaic pattern.

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:  RT 10266050

:  Agitest Plant Virus Rapid Test - Lily Mottle Virus

:  Plant field, bulb breeding, tissue culture, quarantine screening

:  Less than 15 minutes

:  2~30℃

:  50 test strips per box

Lily is an important economic flower worldwide. Most lily bulbs are imported. During cultivation process, viral infection greatly affects the quality of cut flower. Lily Mottle Virus is Potato virus Y belonging to the genus Potyvirus and was first discovered in China in 2003. It is mainly spread by juice and aphids. Infected plants may have symptoms of mottled streaks, distorted flower, and retarded growth.


The main symptoms of lily infected with Lily Mottle Virus (LMoV) are systemic mottling ozr mosaic pattern. The leaves infected with LMoV usually only have the symptoms described above without deformity; however, if plants are infected with both LMoV and Lily Symptomless Virus (LSV), there will be more obvious lesions and different degrees of malformation. Virus infected plants are usually shorter than normal and grow slower. Some susceptible varieties with dark flower color will show symptoms of fading color, streaks or deformity. LMoV commonly occurs in the area where lilies are cultivated.


One-step rapid test kit applies the principle of immunochromatography, serves as a convenient and fast detection method. This rapid test has advantages like time saving, easy to use with high specificity and accuracy, which is ideal for on-spot detection of viruses, bacteria, hormones, antibiotics and drugs. Agitest Plant Virus Rapid Test - Lily Mottle Virus, can be completed within 15 minutes at room temperature; also apt for storage and transportation at room temperature.

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