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Guideline for registration on

​Membership Registration

   1. It is compulsory to register before you are able to shop on    

   2. Please follow the steps to register on
       Step 1: click on the “Register” icon at top right of the homepage of Taiwantrade
       Step 2: fill in the registration form. Only
* columns are compulsory.

Tai 1.png
membership registration page.jpg

       Step 3: you will receive an email from Taiwantrade for account verification.
                    Activate your account by clicking on the link in the email.

membership verification.png

   3. You can start shopping when membership registration has been completed.   

   4. The information you filled while register, will automatically show up in the checkout page

       next time when you do shopping on Taiwantrade.

Managing your account 

   1. You may manage your account whenever you want to change your account information

       (profile and preferences) or membership password. 

       After sign in, by clicking "Hi, name" icon at top right of the homepage, drop down the list to

       click “Account Setting” bottom. 


Fig.  Account setting bottom

Tai-accoint setting.png

   2. Individual buyer can skip the management step and go through to shopping page.

   3. It is recommended for company buyers to leave your company’s profile in “Account Setting”

       page for more business opportunities.

   4. “Account Setting” step is an option. Once you choose to fill in information in the profile page,

       only columns are compulsory.

Tai-accoint setting 2.png

 Start shopping on Taiwantrade e-shop.

   1. In the Checkout page, billing and shipping information will automatically show up. Please check

       again to make sure the information is correct, or select by clicking “Change Address” bottom.

   2. The shipping and billing information can be edited on the current page, you can also back to

       “Account Setting” for necessary corrections.

    3. Follow up the direction, continue to choose courier party and payment method to complete the

       checkout step.

Fig.  Checkout page

Tai checkout-1_shipping & billing.png
Tai checkout-2_payment.png

   4. If the checkout can not be completed due to wrong “selected region”, please check if the

       region-labeled product page is correct, or contact us.

Fig 7Checkout page 3-2.jpg

If you have any question, please e-mail us at:

Regabio online shop on Taiwantrade:

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